молчащая птица (une_hirondelle) wrote,
молчащая птица

Опыт художественного перевода с русского на английский

Поскольку а) первоначальная необходимость в таком переводе уже отпала, b) русский оригинал - скорее, отправная точка для собственного "стихостроя" с немного более четким ритмическим рисунком, c) у меня своя - и особая - история взаимоотношений с этим образом - думаю, под этим вполне себе возможен личный копирайт.


My dying Star.. You.. Penetrating. Blowing out.
Xibalba. So horrible to make a step.
To fall. For New Appearance.. Sound
Of distant Calling. Yours. Unheard.
From fields of Other World which never let return
To no one. Even countless age - on pages
Which were burned down from
Flaming lines to ashes.
Till Last Line.
Yes, to fall - for New Appearance
In World of Shadows and of these endless
Reveries. Please, Shine!
We can see your Wings, can hear your Crying.
The Morning Star. You, Sparkling.. Named.
For those who found and for those who's trying
To find the Way.. Oh, yes - for those who's blamed
To loose it in The Deepest Ocean
Of Your Light.. Who, from time to time,
Is even fighting for a tiny motion
Of flaring ray inside. Please, Shine!
The Star of Comets. Star of low and high tides.
Night fellow. Of forsaken at the way..
The desert witness of the destination's circles.
Forever doomed. But - Shining!.. Anyway.
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