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Хм.. а ведь странно..

..вдруг увидеть на фарси (которого я уж вообще совсем не понимаю) текст микроинтервью, которое изначально давалось мной на английском по поводу арабской типа каллиграфии. Типа моей 8)
Это как-то.. Ну.. Вот ведь чистое рассеяние, во вполне себе дерридеанском смысле, какое-то очень случайное и странное ветвление языков-в-языки. И, вместе с тем, из Языка вообще. Вон из него. В какие-то иные пределы. Плетение внезапных совпадений, ровно так, как я люблю :)
Приходит на мою фэйсбучную страницу (не аккаунт), откуда-то (неведомо откуда) иранский человек, живущий в Лондоне и бросивший работу ради написания рассказов (и издается вот дебютной книгой в начале нового года) - ну и почему-то ему оказывается обязательно нужно задать какие-то такие вот вопросы и получить какие-то такие вот ответы. И он потом идет, опять же (уже на ФБ-аккаунт), выбирает какие-то фото, сделанные, в том числе, тремя другими людьми, с которыми мы согуляем, в разные моменты, с разными чувствами.. и пишет на неведомом мне изустно, но знакомом графически языке о том, как и почему я пишу на арабском. Переводя с английского то-что-было-сказано.

Кружась спирально, возвышается - возносится выше и выше - и растворяется сама в себе и в небе Вавилонская башня.
Веретеном, порождающим нити звучаний столь разных речей.
Как юла.
Настоящая, жестяная. Из вроде бы когдатошнего детства.

И я, заглядывая на страницу, которой поделились, вижу - вот это.
Ну и сама делюсь. И странно мне, да.

Под катом - англоязычный "оригинал".

Q1: tell us something about yourself. anything that you feel comfortable with. where where you born? how many languages do you speak, specially arabic? how come you chose this nickname?

I live in Moscow. I’m not sure about my probable future “residences” but during the last ten years I’m here. I have atomic “blood mixture”: Russian, Polish, French, Tatar, Gipsy and Arabic. And, perhaps, something else
My native’s Russian. Also I speak English, French (but unfortunately with no practice at all during such a long time – so I nearly lost it) – and I can only write something in Arabic. Yep, I know the rules and alphabet, yep, I use dictionaries to translate anything I need – but I don’t speak this language. I had a lot of “alternative names” during my life for different “hypostasis” in different activities. “Une Hirondelle” means “a swallow” in French – once I have taken this pseudonym nearly suddenly for my blog at Livejournal , then it was staying with me at FB for several years till now – and I keep using it. Why? Because this is a bird which is nearly absolutely “dissolving” in their flight. Because, in spite of it couldn’t “make a spring” (“Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps”), it anyway is a certain Sign of spring’s coming. And at the same time – the Sign of Isis. And also – “a small bird from the Paradise garden”, if one would like to translate from Arabic However, some from my closest friends’re calling me “Ptitsa” (that means just “Bird” in Russian). And my original name is only for “official” dimensions of my life: it tells nothing about my soul.

Q2: Where did you learn the arabic calligraphy? Is it like a college where you learned this?

Actually, I didn’t learn Arabic calligraphy in direct sense of “learning”. That means I never was “a student” at this field and I had no “teachers”. However, I surely have a certain cultural background including some high educational degrees, specifically the master degree in theory and history of Art and also PhD in Philosophy, which opened to me wide “context”, but at the same time let me keep following my own way. I also realized some artistic projects and had a certain “practical experience” in different art techniques and practices before I began my attempts to express something with Arabic calligraphy. Anyway, that was (and still is) an independent way which was provoked by something like a strong spiritual necessity, a sort of passion’s pushing me to expression in this form, in this language and style.

Q3: I have seen other Arabic calligraphers, particularly from Russia? Is there any particular reason for it?

I guess everyone who feels like doing something in this field (and generally in Art) has their own, very personal and intimate motivation. In other words, I believe, the priority is always Artist’s will and desire but any specific social or cultural reasons are secondary things. Yes, at the same time, I could speak about not such a weak Muslim tradition in Russia, about some impulses in young Russian calligraphers to follow it and to develop it (and themselves inside it), but this speech would be just a sort of simplistic approach and inconsistent generalization without my final resume – it’s not necessarily so :)
Particularly in my case, for example :)

Q4: How would you describe your art? How does it make you feel? How would you compare it with other arts?

You know, my way is to create something “talking” without usual words (or “above”, or probably “through” them) - not to describe this or to compare: the last is for any “interpreters” as you wish. The Medium is the Message (c). For me calligraphy is a mode of spiritual expression, the special “language” of soul which couldn’t be “translated” to ordinary human language without essential faults.

Q5: Where do you get your inspirations? How do you get the ideas for your art?

This is just “coming” or may be the better word would be “happening”. I could call this strange process the important part of my life, but actually (that would be much more exact) this is a form of existence as it is. Moreover – probably, the essence of existence. A spiritual dance transforming Passion to Way. During my life I have one permanent need, which never lives me – the necessity of conversation with God, nearly uninterrupted. And from time to time my questions, my feelings, my thoughts and my impulses in this conversation get a certain “incarnation” in my calligraphy.

Q6: What’s the reaction of those who don’t read arabic? does your work to them looks like Chinese to me? Do they appreciate you art?

Usually they say “it is beautiful” or “amazing” or something else like that. So, I believe, they get a certain “message” anyway. And of course I’m attaching English translation to every my work. Btw, there’re some cases with Arabic natives who have a certain difficulty with reading of my “free-hand” calligraphy, but this is easily understandable – I’m not a follower of classical styles. However, to clear up that’s enough to show just by finger how these lines are composing to letters and to spell them
– more often these small misunderstandings are happening to those who’s not such a closed to art field. At the same time I have a lot of native Arabic subscribers at my FB-account and page, including some artists and calligraphers from all over the world – and I really appreciate them for interest and pleasant words about my calligraphy.

Q7: Have you showcased your works in an exhibition? Which countries? How has it received? What has been the reactions from arab speakers?

Actually, three exhibitions were planned (one at Europe and two others in Arabic countries), but all these plans were destroyed by extraordinary dramatic circumstances of my life during last 2 years: I was trying to save my mother’s life and the first time I did… something like a miracle, but at the second… that appeared impossible. Anyway, I don’t mind to be just a virtual calligrapher with mostly virtual works in virtual space, cause, as I’ve said before, my main aim, passion and way – just to “stay in touch” with The One Who Is Always and Everywhere. And I believe I could feel this Touch even if no one else would see my works. I want to believe. And I will.
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